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What is Alumni Council?

The Alumni Association has hundreds of chapters in cities throughout the world, and is a common way for Penn Staters to stay connected with their Alma mater and fellow alumni. At one time, the Penn State Alumni Association was governed by an elected Alumni Council consisting of 30 voting members that are voted in or out of office by the members of the Alumni Association in 3 year staggered terms. Each spring 10 seats are up for election.

Why should I care about Alumni Council?

If you are a member of the Penn State Alumni Association, you have a right to be represented in the governance of this group. It is a membership group that should exist to serve the interests of its members first and foremost. It can also do things that benefit others, like current students or Penn State. But it’s primary obligation is to it’s members, not the university.

Unfortunately, our elected Alumni Council representatives no longer control the Alumni Association.

Over the past years, the governance of the Alumni Association has been taken away from the elected council members and is now controlled by an Executive Board that is not directly voted in by the members.

And this matters why?

This matters because Alumni Association members no longer have a representative voice into how their dues are used, and to whose benefit. In fact, right now, the Executive Board is pushing through sweeping changes to further diminish the representation and accountability to the members of the Alumni Association.

What Can I Do?

If you want to have a say in what the membership does for its members, and a say in how the members choose to help Penn State, then join us. Let us know what you think.
We want our elected Alumni Council members to have governance authority again.

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