Why are local scholarships important?

The high cost of an education is the number one problem at Penn State. You can help.

We believe that chapter groups are the core of any alumni society, and that the best way for graduates to support Penn State is to help students from their local communities be able to afford a Penn State education. According to Daily Collegian (April 23, 2015), Penn State has the third highest in-state tuition rate for the 2014-2015 academic year. The average graduating Penn State student holds $36,955 in debt, more than 32% of the $28,000 national average. We know from experience that you have to pay for excellence, and many students say scholarships make all the difference.

How do Alumni Chapter scholarships work?

Details vary by chapter, but…

Most chapters have at least one endowed fund, which is managed by the Penn State Office of Development. Every year, they inform chapters of how much money is available for scholarships, and depending on the qualifying criteria, provide the chapters with eligible enrolled students. Each chapter might then contact potential applicants and invite them to apply, then evaluate those received. Scholarships are then awarded.

Assigned homework: 7 questions to ask before you give

1) Is this chapter actively awarding scholarship? Because volunteer support can vary widely between alumni chapters, it’s always a good idea to contact the chapter directly and ask what they have been doing. Since number of scholarships awarded and amount vary by year we do not list them.
2) Is your donation tax deductible? Not all Penn State alumni chapters have a tax-deduction status for scholarship donations. If this is important, it’s best to contact either the chapter itself, or the call the Penn State Alumni Association (800-548-5466) for clarification.
3) Can I meet the scholarship recipients? Many chapters host summer send-off parties, and scholarship recipients are usually invited. Again, ask the chapter. If nothing else, the chapter should announce the recipient’s names.
4) What is the difference between donating to an endowment and donating to a scholarship fund? An endowment is a perpetual fund set up by an alumni chapter that is managed by the Penn State office of Development (http://giveto.psu.edu). Scholarship funds are awarded from the interest the fund accrues, which can vary from year to year. Currently the minimum amount needed to create an endowed chapter scholarship fund is $50,000, which some chapters are raising. The interest on your donation would then be used for scholarships.
Alternatively, and sometimes in addition to endowed scholarship funds, some chapters have regular savings accounts that accrue donations or proceeds from fundraising activities, and then disburse the amount in scholarship funds. Donating to these may not be tax-deductible.
5) Can I direct that my donation go to a specific student from my community? No. However, by joining the local alumni chapter you can help identify and evaluate all students in the community who apply.
6) Are these kids really going to Penn State? Chapters make every effort to confirm, via Penn State admissions, that in-coming freshmen scholarship recipients are truly enrolled and attending Penn State. This can be a headache for the chapter volunteers but they do their best. For upper-classmen awards, chapters confirm enrollment status via Penn State admissions.
7) Are chapter scholarships only for main campus (University Park)? Individual chapters set the criteria for which campuses recipients may be enrolled. It’s best to ask.

How do I donate to an alumni chapter scholarship?

The list below provides general information and contacts for alumni chapters across the country that offer local scholarships. Contact them to find out how to support their efforts; many can take donations through PayPal or the dedicated donation portal of the Penn State Office of Development.

Would you like your Chapter's scholarship listed?

We would like to list it. Please contact us at hello@psaaforall.org with general information about your chapter and scholarship, and we will get back to you.

Find a Penn State Alumni Association Chapter Scholarship Program

Every effort is made to keep the following information up to date. If you see an inaccuracy please contact us at hello@psaaforall.org and it will be corrected.

Arkansas (no chapters)


Los Angeles

Penn State Alumni Association Los Angeles

Scholarships: Julius and Phillip Epstein Endowed Scholarship Fund. The LA Chapter maintains one of the largest single chapter, Alumni Endowed Scholarship Funds. We also give an additional six or seven a year.

Scholarships are awarded to students, enrolled full time, living in the Los Angeles area, as defined by Penn State. Students may be attending any campus, including the World Campus.

Donate: PSULA scholarship page

Gary Werkheiser – President
Jim McCrory – Scholarship Chair

Orange County

Orange County

Our endowed scholarship fund help students living in Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties attend Penn State.


Sacramento and San Joaquin Valley

Sacramento and San Joaquin Valley

Each academic year, members of the Chapter have contributed to the Sacramento – San Joaquin Award Fund. This fund has enabled a $1000 award for the past three years. Contributions are necessary to continue this program.

Donate Giving/Penn State: PSU Chapter of Sacramento-San Joaquin Award


San Francisco - Bay Area

San Francisco Bay Area Chapter

Freshman Funds Scholarship Program.

For over 11 years, the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter has awarded a $1,000 stipend to a local high school graduate who has selected Penn State for their college education. Winners are selected based on a short essay highlighting why they chose Penn State. A call for entries goes out to all students committed to Penn State in June and essays must be submitted by the end of July. The stipend is awarded in August prior to the start of the academic year.



Greater Jacksonville

Greater Jacksonville Chapter

At the present time the Greater Jacksonville Chapter does not have a scholarship program.



Central Illinois

Central Illinois Chapter

We have a freshman book scholarship that is available for students from central Illinois attending Penn State (University Park only). When we are informed of students from central Illinois who will be attending PSU, we contact them. In some cases, they have contacted us.

Donations are welcome but are not tax-deductible. Contact: Dave Thomas 

Greater Chicago

Greater Chicago Chapter

Scholarship: We have an endowed scholarship from which we award annual scholarships supplemented by local annual fundraising. Chapter awarded four scholarships, totaling $9000; $3500, $2500, $1500, and $1500 for Spring Semester 2015. We hope to award $12,000 for Spring 2016.

We find potential candidates through an application process which includes grades and essay submission, which are then reviewed by our scholarship committee. Awards are made based upon review and available funds.

Candidates from the greater Chicago area must be a Sophomore or above, GPA 3.0 or above, and enrolled full time at Penn State, any campus (including all Commonwealth Campuses), including full-time in World Campus. 

Donate Giving/Penn State: Penn State Club of Greater Chicago Endowed Scholarship

Donations are appreciated and tax-deductible. Contact: Bob Nagy (president) or Sally Anderson (scholarship chair)


Penn State Alumni Club of Kentucky

Penn State Club of Kentucky

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/psualumniclubofky

We are working towards establishing an endowed scholarship, which will fund freshman scholarships to all Penn State campuses. Donations will be tax-deductible.

Contact: Zach Myers


West Michigan

West Michigan

At the present time West Michigan does not offer a scholarship.



Berks County

Berks County Chapter

Started as part of the For the Future: The Campaign for Penn State Students, the Berks County Chapter of the Penn State Alumni Association is attempting to raise $50,000 for the creation of an endowed scholarship by 2016. The Chapter has already raised $30,000 towards that goal. Please help us in our goal of helping future deserving students from Berks County attend Penn State.

The Berks County Chapter of the Penn State Alumni Association is an organization described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The registration fee is deductible to the extent it exceeds $75

Scholarship page

Donate Giving/Penn State: Bucks County Chapter Trustee Scholarship


Bucks County

Penn State Club of Bucks County, Inc
Lamartine Hood Endowed Scholarship
The Penn State Club of Bucks County sponsors numerous scholarships every year for students entering their senior year. Through club members donations and revenue from events the Club is able to give back to many deserving students. Please continue to donate when you join or renew your membership to this worthwhile cause for students.
Contact: Vince Cordisco and Gail Lowe ( 215)514-1645

Capital Area (Harrisburg)

Capital Area (Harrisburg)

Scholarship fund: Endowed fund that is awarding scholarships to incoming freshmen on a yearly basis. Three scholarships were awarded in 2015. Candidates must reside in Dauphin or Cumberland counties, Pennsylvania, and be enrolled full time at any Penn State campus (including all Commonwealth campuses).

Scholarship Endowment Information: www.psucapitalarea.org/ScholarshipInformation
Past Scholarship Recipients: www.psucapitalarea.org/ScholarshipRecipients

Donations are greatly appreciated and tax-deductible.

Donate Giving/Penn State: Capital Area Chapter Scholarship Endowment

Contact: Melissa Hoch

Franklin County

Franklin County Chapter

On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PSU.Franklin.County

Scholarship fund: The Franklin County, PA chapter endowed scholarship fund is one of the largest of all Penn State University affiliated groups. We have had this endowed scholarship fund for over 25 years.

We award three or four scholarships a year to Franklin County, PA students who are attending the Mont Alto commonwealth campus.

Our chapter funds the scholarship primarily through our annual golf tournament.  Donations are greatly appreciated and tax-deductible. 

Contact: Steve Hawbaker

Lehigh Valley

Lehigh Valley Chapter

LVCPSAA is committed to enriching the experience of current Penn State students at the Lehigh Valley campus via academic scholarships. Member contributions and money raised from the chapter’s events goes directly to LVCPSAA’ s scholarship fund.

Scholarship programs: We have several endowments, including the Ann Williams Fund. All current funds are being contributed to Penn State Lehigh Valley commonwealth campus academic scholarships.

To make a tax-deductible contribution, please contact:

Terry DeGroot, psudegroot1@gmail.com

Joan Kemmerer, BillnJoanKemmerer@yahoo.com


Greater Pittsburgh

Chappie Hill Scholarship Our endowed scholarship is lovingly dedicated to the memory of Irvin “Chappie” Hill, a pioneer at Penn State and a friend to all.

Contact: Dan Byrd, President

North Carolina

Wilmington, North Carolina

Wilmington, North Carolina

At the present time the Wilmington, North Carolina Penn State Alumni Association Chapter does not have a scholarship program.


South Carolina

Low Country

Low Country Chapter

Founded in 1995 to serve Penn State Alumni and friends in the Low Country of South Carolina, including the areas of Savannah GA, Hilton Head Island, Bluffton, Beaufort and Jasper County South Carolina. There are some 300 Penn State Alums living within the Low Country chapter area.

At the present time Low Country Chapter does not have a scholarship program.