Mission Statement

January, 2016

Our mission:

  • To represent the members of the Association relative to the governance and strategic direction of the Penn State Alumni Association;
  • To advocate for the interests of all members first and foremost;
  • To encourage ever increasing transparency, access, engagement; and
  • To mobilize the energy, talents, experience, and passion of 177,000 members to “spread thy fame” of our alma mater around the world.

We Believe:

  • We believe in accountability.
    The Alumni Association exists to provide value and service to its members, and that the representatives elected and appointed are accountable to the dues paying members of the Association.
  • We believe that elections should be fair and transparent.
    Fair and transparent elections promote stability and understanding by all members, ensure legitimate governance, and provide direction that is driven by the interests and priorities of the dues paying membership.
  • We believe in good governance.
    Good organizational governance gives members trust in its decision making process andprovides the ethical basis for its existence. The Alumni Association should act in its member’s interest, and only to the extent that it serves its members to do so – to also act in the interests
    of its affiliated university, Penn State.
  • We believe that the local chapter is the core of the PSAA.
    All local chapters should be supported in their mission of recruiting and encouraging local students to consider Penn State, and in their efforts to provide scholarships for those students.
  • We believe that the high cost of a Penn State education is the number one problem facing students.
    Scholarship fundraising activities are a valuable and worthwhile pursuit for our Alumni Association, and should be the primary focus of PSAA fundraising activities.