October 2016 Alumni Council Report

kay salvino quote
kay salvino quote

Alumni Council Meeting Report
October 20-21, 2016
Hintz Family Center, University Park.

The following is a compilation of observations and information  our Alumni Representatives would like to share with their constituents.

During the two day meeting, PSAA Immediate Past President and PSU Trustee Kay Salvino made it a point on at least two occasions to emphatically state that the “The Alumni Association is not a scholarship entity” and “The Alumni Association is not in the business of getting students scholarships”.  In view of all the local chapters that work tirelessly to fund generous local scholarships, these repeated statements shocked our endorsed members.

Frankly, we have no idea what she is talking about. It is our understanding that the Alumni Association supports several scholarships, and is planning to support more. In fact, many members would point to this as the only redeeming quality the Alumni Association has. We would be very curious to hear an explanation from the Alumni Association exactly what she is talking about.

Trustee Salvino also reported about what it’s like to be on the Board of Trustees. “It’s cool!” She thinks it’s neat that she can sit in on committee meetings, and they let her represent the BOT at various places, and then there was something about engineers, and the color orange, and it was really neat that when they said “how many are from engineering?” and half the room stood up, and it was cool! The dinners are great, and there’s receptions, and … at this point our representatives were unable to take any more notes.  

So much for the Alumni Association needing a seat on the Board of Trustees to promote the interests of the alumni.

Our eleven endorsed Alumni Council representatives sat through an agenda that was designed to circumvent any meaningful discussion and featured a mind-numbing series of presentations that could have been emailed out beforehand. Once again they were muffled, disrespected, and given no opportunity to make any meaningful contribution. Please join me in thanking them for spending their own money (there is no travel or lodging reimbursement, although they are fed well) for the privilege of attending this meeting and making an effort.

They tried, and are very grateful for your support.

This year we again attempted to give unused Alumni Council gratis football tickets to Penn State Student-Veterans. Deb Beidel collected them until an Alumni Association staffer stopped her, informing her that the tickets are not transferable. But she managed to smuggle a few out anyway. 

psu student veterans association

PSU Alumni Association membership is down by 7,500 members (see attached charts), almost all in the dues-paying category.

Life memberships stayed stagnant, with only a net positive 134 sold so far this fiscal year.

psaa 2016 membership numbers
psaa membership numbers 2016 back

Alumni Council is now at 99 members.

Which ranks it 136th out of 234 national legislatures, right between Botswana and Latvia (both of whom have all their seats elected).* If you’re wondering how anything meaningful happens in a governing body of this size the answer is, it doesn’t. There were no votes taken and no deliberation of any kind, but CEO Paul Clifford did interview a fly fisherman for forty-five minutes.

We’re not sure this is exactly what the IRS has in mind when they’re told Alumni Council is the governing body of the AA.

* Source: Wikipedia: List of legislatures by number of members

psaa ac 136 in world in size