Penn State Alumni, Asked and Answered

psaaforall statue july2016

Penn State alumni, you have been asked and have answered resoundingly: you want your voice heard.

You want your voice raised in defense of our alma mater. You want those controlling the University to echo your voice, and be the voice of three-quarter of a million alumni. 

The Penn State Alumni Association asked what you wanted, asked again, and then stopped asking because they lack the will to do what you want most.

As an Alumni Council member, it is my responsibility to champion your requests but slightly awkward in that it strikes close to home. You want to honor Joe and Suzanne Paterno for all they have done for the university over the decades, return the statue, and celebrate all the players, coaches, faculty and countless people that were part of being different. You want to honor them for creating a higher purpose – the Grand Experiment.

It is awkward, in that returning a statue without refuting the lies around its removal is not honoring anyone. It is placating at best.

It is hypocrisy for Penn State to accept the wins back and return the statue if they do so while remaining silent on the clearly erroneous opinions in the Freeh Report. They cannot appease us with such half measures, and in fact only disgrace everyone “Penn State” if they return a statue but still stand behind these discredited opinions.

One of my father’s favorite quotes is befitting the university lawyers and trustees delusion that they are winning – “Success without honor is a hollow victory.” What all must realize by now is that only the people who are seeking and speaking the truth can restore honor to our alma mater.

Ray Blehar seeks and speaks for truth. I cannot thank Mr. Blehar enough for investigating so diligently nor can I believe how perfectly he has encapsulated this in his recent post, “Statement on Return of JVP Statue”.

Please take a moment and read Mr. Blehar’s work. Thank you.

Respectfully yours,

David J. Paterno