I’m not going anywhere.

By June 30, 2015In My Opinion, news

By Bill Cluck, 2015 Alumni Council candidate.

I was asked to write something for the newsletter on how I felt about being the only endorsed candidate for Alumni Council to lose. Actually, I don’t feel like I lost. 2299 members of the Alumni Association voted for me. Coincidentally, when I ran for Undergraduate Student Government President in 1981, I finished first with 2299 votes! Some of you may recall my running mate, the late Ken Reeves, and I defeated the Monty Python campus group’s joke candidate, Wimpy the Gerbil. Ken and I were very close, joking that we were likely the only USG executives to still be talking to each other after 25 years. I could hear his cackle when I saw the Alumni Association election results.

Finishing 11th for the ten slots led me to believe I would be one of the ten to be appointed to Alumni Council. However, I never received a phone call or any other communication from the Association executives. That is no way to treat someone who received more votes than all of the Council incumbents, except the one who included Joe Paterno reference in her candidate statement.

I served on Alumni Council in 1981-1982. I always knew some day I would run for Council. Unfortunately, when I ran this year, I was also running for the Magisterial District Judge seat in my neighborhood in Harrisburg. Lost that one too! I’m not gonna do post-election woulda coulda’s.

Instead, I am hopeful that the by-laws will be revisited and we alumni will again be able to select and vote for our candidates. I would also like to see additional efforts to encourage alumni to become members of the Association. Alumni Association must become relevant to alumni. Holding regional meetings throughout the state would encourage discussion about issues important to the alumni.

So, to the 2299 alumni who voted for me, thank you. I ain’t going anywhere. For the Glory!

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