10 Questions with Laurie Stanell

By June 25, 201510 Question Game

The 10 Question Game

Let’s get to know our Alumni Council Representatives

Laurie Stanell, DMD

’80 Biology

Dentist, Pipersville, Pennsylvania

Alumni Council Member 2015-2017

Laurie Stanell by the numbers:


Plates in her left ankle (along with 11 pins)


Number of Penn State degrees earned by her immediate family members


The year her great-grandfather graduated from Penn State with a degree in Mining Engineering


Miles she’s traveled so far this year including two dental missions to Central America

Question #1: Correct one misconception about Penn State.

That the culture of Penn State is all about football and protecting it. Even to the detriment of children and whoever else. That is completely false. I was a tutor in Anthropology and I had many football players who had to attend my sessions to keep their grades up or they weren’t going to play. If anyone did anything wrong they were off the team. Joe gave due process to the players, but if found guilty they were off the team.

Question #2: Favorite class at Penn State?

What class would you never take again?

Organic chemistry.


Question #3: The Alumni Association has published conflicting accounts of who is in charge of the decision making for the association; it tells the IRS that the Alumni Council is the final decision maker, yet the Executive Board often acts independently of Alumni Council. What is your take on this?

 The bylaws are not being followed, and that is true across the board. It is not being run in a confluent way; they veer off to accomplish what they want. They should just have an Executive Board and forget Alumni Council, if that’s the way they want to run things. Also many employees are making decisions for the alumni, and that’s wrong. Rules are there for a reason.

Question #4: Peachy Paterno or Russ Roseberry?

Peachy Paterno

Question #5 The documentary ‘Happy Valley’ is currently in the top five streaming shows on Netflix. What is your take on the movie?

After watching it I’d say Andrew Shubin might want to find another place to practice law.

Question #6: Do people really have to floss every day?


Question #7: Would you rather: Go see Craig Morgan at the Bryce Jordan Center or watch a re-broadcast of the 2006 Orange Bowl?

Re-broadcast of the 2006 Orange Bowl because I was there with my children and my parents. It was their 53rd wedding anniversary, and the Orange Bowl committee put it on the JumboTron. It was a crazy game to begin it just kept getting better and better.

 Question #8: A Penn State tailgate would be incomplete without:

Grilled stickies

Question #9: Finish the sentence: When I am named president of Penn State university, I will create the department of:

Alumni Involvement

Question #10: Never Have I Ever.

Directions: Hold up all the fingers on one hand. When you hear a statement that is not true you put one finger down.

1. Dragged a goal post down College Avenue.
2. Slept through a class
3. Yelled back at the Willard Preacher
4. Stolen fruit from the dining hall
5. Sang the wrong words to the alma mater

How many fingers are you holding up?


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